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Are you looking to rent a 4-seater car with a new, cheap car driver? Check out our prestigious 4-seater car rental list below!

Introduction of cheap 4-seat car rental service:

4-seat family car rental is one of the prestigious providers of car rental services. Quality in Hanoi.
We offer a wide range of car rental services. To meet the maximum travel needs of customers in Hanoi. Car rental services by day, car rental according to km, car rental long term contract, car rental month, car rental, …

In addition, our company also signs contracts to provide transportation services.

Advantages of 4-seater car rental family car:

Coming to the prestigious 4-seat car rental service of a family car, customers will receive countless price incentives from the supplier:

  • The new 4-seater car system, quality, modern, clean, smooth, cool air conditioner, no unpleasant odor.
  • The 4-seater family car does not have a taxi logo or any images that represent a rental car. In order to improve your reputation when meeting partners, customers, acquaintances, …
  • Driver is professional, dedicated and attentive. Ensure your safety during the journey.
  • The price of renting a 4-seat car in a family car is always more competitive than that of other transport providers in the same area.

Below is a list of 4-seater car rental calculated on a practical basis for reference.

  • The distance below 50km has an average price of 10k / 1km
  • Distance greater than 50km has an average price of 9k / 1km. (1 way)
  • Average price 6k / 1km if going 2-way package.

The above price list does not include VAT and parking fees. Only includes tolls, gasoline, car oil and drivers


  • The price list of 4-seat car rental with the driver above includes gas, tolls and driver’s salary.
  • Car rental price list also changes on Saturday, Sunday, holidays, please contact hotline 0395 185 006 directly to get the best price ..
  • 4-seater car rental does not include VAT, parking costs if any.

Come to the cheap 4-seat car rental service via website: or contact to call a taxi: 0395 185 006. The consultant will answer all questions. As well as advice to help you rent the best car.

Contact 4-seat car rental with driver

  • Address: 136 Ho Tung Mau, Tu Liem, Hanoi
  • Mail:
  • Hotline: 0395 185 006

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